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  • We will only be looking for names in the .nz namespace.
  • We will not be looking for .com or .org or other types of names.
  • If you want a name outside of .nz, please contact us for other hosting services.
  • Hint: click on the town arrow of .co.nz to see other search options.

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  • MailPoet is an all-in-one package to handle News Letters, Post Notifications, List and Subscriptions.
    You are able to install this your self and at the free tier you can have up to 1,000 subscribers.
    If you like, we can install this for you, set up the first News Letter Template, test and hand over to you.
    Register for a WordPress website, you may have previously registered your domain name. We will install WordPress, send you your login details, and you are ready to go. 2Gb Storage, 10Gb Traffic.
    We have a number of security plugins that we can install for you to make your website safer from hackers.
    1.) We set up and activate your free SSL certificate with us, and activate this Site-Wide.
    2.) We hide your wp-admin login page and give you a new secure way to log in.
    3.) We install WordFence and set it to regularly scan your website and halt malicious logins.
    Google Suites, 1 Business Account (inc GST) 1 TeraByte of Storage in Google Drive & Gmail.
    This is a one-time installation fee for your website for us to install Divi for you.
    Once installed it is then available for you to activate the Divi Theme, and use this to build out your Theme and Pages.
    This comes with a fully licensed version of Divi and the Theme Builder, that we are allowed to install for you as a User of our Hosting Service.
    The options for taking your work environment into Google are many. It is best that we contact you to tailor your quote to the correct options. Register here and we will be in contact with you.
    We will contact you directly to transfer your website to our servers. We are assuming that you already have a WordPress website and that you have admin access to it. You will need to provide us with this access. We will then transfer your website to our server.
    Once transferred it will be up to you to cancel your old hosting service.
    We will also install any updates or missing security plugins free of charge.
    Register a .nz Domain Name with us. (inc GST)
    Register a .nz Domain Name with us. (inc GST) And get a WordPress blank website Installed.
    Register a .nz Domain Name with us. (inc GST) And get a WordPress blank website Installed. Includes one Google gSuites Basic account.
    Website hosted with us. Up to 3 databases, single email address, 2 GB storage, 10 GB traffic. Domain Name $36, Website $360. (inc GST)
    Google gSuites, 1 Basic Account (inc GST) 30 GigaBytes Storage in Drive & Gmail.
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